Robin, a Nigerian Englishman, runs Servant Ministries, an equipping ministry that operates through teaching, preaching, book writing and conferences. He is the convener of the Inter Prophetic Apostolic Alliance (IPAA), a coalition of apostolic and prophetic ministers running with a vision to be a voice to the nations and the re-establishment of apostolic structure. He also leads the Nigeria Academy of Prophetic & Apostolic Reform (NAPAR).  

Robin is passionate to see the church transition to the ‘new’ that GOD desires to accomplish around the world. In July 1996 Robin received a vision for mission’s fires in Nigeria, Africa & Europe. Since then he has been in active pursuit of GOD for a move of the HOLY SPIRIT that will trigger this and other events. In December 1999 in obedience to a divine call he immigrated to the UK as a ‘return missionary’. 

Robin is the author of “THE BLAZE OF TRANSITION” as well as several manuals on prophetic ministry and books on revival (see His ministry (S.M) is part of “Churches in Communities” led by Dr Hugh Osgood; he is commissioned as a prophet under IPAA as well as “Christian International Europe” (CIE) led by Dr Sharon Stone. He is a spiritual son of Apostle Mosy Madugba (MPN). 

Robin releases a monthly “Word for the month” on YouTube (“Robin Jegede-Brimson”). He worships and serves at various churches that he is relationally connected with across London & Kent.

He is an avid squash player and loves spending time in his garden. He is married to Nyema, a worshipper and prophetic intercessor passionate about the ministry of healing. They are blessed with four grown up children and enjoy the grace of GOD living in the seaside town of Whitstable, Kent.


Bob and Mary Bain - Welcome Network
Bob and Mary have networked apostolically with local churches and other groups for many years, encouraging engagement with the whole community so that many will come to know the love and power of God. They are based in Northumberland but work not only here but across the UK and elsewhere, especially in the Nordic countries. They host a Prayer Garden in their village, and co-ordinate Northumberland Prayer Net, Creative Mission and Open Wells events regionally. They are the authors of several books, including their latest, 'Launching after Lockdown'. Mary also writes poetry and has two books of poems available, 'My Song Matters' and 'Beyond the Door' (all books available on Amazon).

They have seven grown-up children, and a growing number of grandchildren!




Laura Rumley is a Christian author and Bible teacher who was affirmed by IPAA as a Prophetic Minister in 2020. Originally born in Canada, she lived in the UK for 16 years where she found Jesus and also met her husband, Andrew. They both moved to Central Portugal in 2015 where they own a small holding / hobby farm and try to live as self-sustainably as possible. 

A gifted evangelist, Laura loves to share the good news of Jesus Christ with the Portuguese as well with travellers from all over the world who come to volunteer on their farm.

 In 2020, she initiated a prophetic intercession network called the Iberian Convocation of Eagles.

 She has written a book about financial stewardship entitled The Shrewd Manager and her writings can be found on



Background & salvation

I was born into a family background where I grew up not knowing what it means to have a father and mother under same roof. I gave my life to Christ In May 1989 in the around midday on the 18th of that month.

I always like to point this out that no one preached to me. It is true I have heard messages via television and street preachers in those days but never a one to one message and I did not attend any church except for once a very rare while when we were all forced to go to Church by my maternal grandfather who (bless his heart) loved God in his own way and would have nobody remain at home on Sundays, including the tenants.

Prior to my giving my life to Christ, I had as a child always wanted to know God but all around me were more idol worshippers and churches which for me were just the same. (I do not want to mention the denominations). These churches made me feel disgusted as much as the idol worship places so I kept away from them and I still do till this day.

But on this fateful day, I took my mother Gideon’s new testament bible (red) and started to read. I read Matthew 24 and I felt I need to make peace with God so as to save myself and my family. Though not knowing what to say, I just ask Jesus to forgive me, and I wept and I felt the weight of sin on me, but as I wept asking God to help me, I felt it lift and a peace and comfort came into my heart and as I rose up I knew I was saved and born-again.

After that I went looking for a place of worship. Needless to say, that I was the first in my family (at least amongst my mother’s children) to give my life to Christ, so I had all the persecutions and sufferings that you cannot imagine. I was beaten often by my mother  because she could not understand what had come over me.

Like I said, I am not yet married. Believing God.

 Calling to prophetic – apostolic

In all these years, I have always struggled to have it clear what my precise calling in God was. This is because I seemed to operate in most of the gifts and callings with ease. Even before I became conscious of God’s calling on my life, everyone around me knew and I was constantly being told. Sometimes I get called a Pastor, then a Teacher then an Evangelist then a Prophet. It was as though many didn’t understand what my calling was and so they called me according to the office I appear to occupy.

But while in Italy, I began to truly seek God to have it clear what my calling was. But two things were absolutely clear to me, teaching the word and intercession. In these areas, I flowed, operated and raised.

In my years in Italy, I continued to teach, ran a Bible School Class from which those that graduated are now ministers in their own right.

Sometime in 2010, God began to intimate me about the prophetic office. Quite frankly, I was terrified and to say the truth, I still am. However, it never was developed until I came to the UK 2016 as where I was in Italy, spiritual gifting were not allowed to be developed. Coming to the UK by the leading of the Lord for His purpose, this role became clearer.


In my Christian walk, I have served in several ministries but not in the prophetic role. More in the office of a teacher, in raising others to serve in the ministry. I had been instructed under Pastor Dan Osagie of Love Foundation, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, and some others.

 Ministry platforms

Coming to the UK, I began to fellowship with the New Life Church, where I submitted myself the spiritual guidance of one of the leaders.

Though I am in the UK, my ties and walk with God in Italy is yet unfinished. In fact, I am currently running a virtual ministry with members mainly in Italy.

I came to the UK in 2016 December as I felt that this was where God was calling me and several confirmation came through other ministers. But I was not connected to any church. So, I started attending the New Life Church at Margate, and I also started a prayer group.

I am still very fresh in the UK. I am still very connected with Italy for what God will have me do there. I am in the middle of the move of God in my life.

Until the lockdown, I also sometimes fellowship with the Living Ark Apostolic Church Pastored by Apostle Celestine at Ilford London.

During this lockdown God has moved in an amazing way opening doors in Italy like I never expected and growing the ministry. We are looking forward to a mighty move and great revival at the end of this lockdown. It is one already.








Bimbola Okuyiga